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Get Your House Ready to Sell this Winter

Summer is traditionally the best time of the year to sell a house, as sunshine and long daylight hours make even the coldest house appear more inviting.

This is also the time a garden looks at its best, making it even more enticing to buyers.

But that doesn’t mean the winter should be avoided - sellers just need to know how to present their home in the best way.

Winter is a great time to list your house so it truly shines in a season when there is less competition on the market.

According to, “there are a few small repairs that will make your home sell faster and for more money.”

Love the hardwood

“One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is dirty old carpet.”

Refinishing your hardwoods when they need it can totally change how a buyer views your property.

There is nothing like entering a home where the hardwood looks spectacular. The great thing about refinishing hardwood floors is the return on investment which is very high.

Fix windows & doors

“Ignoring basic repair work might actually cast a pall on your entire home.”

If your home has an old, drafty windows that look their age, newer, double-paned windows are often a major selling point with buyers. They’ll keep the warmth in, and the sound out.

Clean the cabinets

“Buyers are expected to be little investigators, so be prepared before they start sleuthing.”

In both the kitchen and bathrooms, everything should be in good condition, free of water damage or rot.

Fix loose hinges, unclog or replace stuck drawer tracks, and replace broken knobs or handles. You can handle most of these tasks yourself, with a screwdriver and a trip to the hardware store.

Severely damaged cabinets may need to be replaced, a task that may require a contractor unless you’re skilled at home renovations.

Paint the walls

“Buyers find it easier to picture themselves living in a home with neutral walls.”

Lighter and neutral colors are preferred when selling because they tend to appeal to most people.

You don’t have to paint every room, necessarily, just those that obviously need it. Rooms with dark paint, chipped or dirty paint are the ones that will benefit most.

If you have wallpaper in your home, it is almost always a good idea to remove it to sell your home for the most money. Wallpaper dates a home.

Update lighting

“Bring in a second set of eyes to look over your lighting. Is it dated? Does it serve the space poorly?”

Lighting can make even the smallest home seem open and inviting. You can learn more about lighting different spaces online and find a variety of affordable lighting options that will be far superior to the current overhead or stand lights in your house.

Don’t forget natural lighting, either. Ditch the heavy drapes for light colored curtains that let in the sun.

Some Highlights

  • Winter is a great time to list a house, since inventory is traditionally low, and most sellers are holding off until spring to put their homes on the market.

  • Waiting for warmer weather when more competition is on the market will only put your house up against many more choices for buyers.

  • Get your house ready to sell now with quick and easy fixes that make a big impact.

Get Advice Before You Sell

Before making any major changes, you should talk to your real estate agent, who can advise you on whether or not those changes will pay off when it comes time to sell. Each situation is different; it really depends on how your home compares to others in the market, and if it is a buyer’s market or a seller’s market in your area.

For more advice on how to make the most money from selling your home, get in touch with The Birdsong Group Agent today.


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