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Betsy Birdsong, a New Orleans Realtor, local home expert and investor, wants to make the job of selling your home a stress free, informative and timely process that yields the highest amount of equity for you, the home seller. For some homeowners, the best thing to do is list the property. For other homeowners, she puts on her investor hat.


There are many aspects to consider when selling your home, including what price to ask, how to find interested buyers, what needs to be disclosed and what negotiation principles are to be followed.


Pricing your home can be a challenge. Home sites such as Zillow can be inaccurate and outdated. At The Birdsong Group, we can perform a Home Evaluation to show you how much your home is really worth and what you can expect in the current market conditions.


Marketing your home correctly is critical to a swift and successful sale. With Betsy as your Realtor, your home will be showcased to the largest group of potential home buyers in order to yield the perfect buyer(s).


Disclosures and negotiation principles today are complex and subject to legal requirements. Let us work for you… your best interests will be our top priority and we will see you through those tough issues.


Eliminate the hassle, uncertainty and safety concerns of owner selling and call us at 504-780-9422. We am ready to get started today and make your home selling experience satisfying and as stress free as possible. We love selling real estate and truly value helping people like you.


We also have an important informational packet to assist you in your home selling process. You may request it from us, free of charge, at any time.


Please call me at 504-376-7650 if you have questions or to set up an appointment to let us come take a look at your home to see what avenue is the best approach to take to sell your home. No obligation, no pressure, no nonsense.




Put more money in your pocket with the Home Selling Listing Service, exclusively with The Birdsong Group. Most brokers will charge you the same fee no matter how your home sells… even if you find the buyer. With the Home Selling Listing Service, you have complete flexibility… from “Full Service” to “Do It Yourself”.


For Current FSBOs, this program is a no brainer.


4.99%      We find the buyer and write the contract. There is no other agent involved. Our commission is just 4.99%


2.49%       You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. We write th contract and walk it through escrow for you. Our commission is 2.49%


5.99%       Another agent represents the buyer. Our commission is 2.99% and the other agent receives 3%.


0%            You find the buyer and there is no other agent involved. You don't want our assistance. You pay $500 at the closing for the MLS listing and the pictures.


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