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Betsy founded The Birdsong Group to be a dynamic boutique brokerage based on expert information, integrity and innovation. We offer comprehensive real estate solutions for home buyers, investors and housesellers in the Greater New Orleans area. 

Betsy has been active in the real estate arena for 15 years starting as an investor buying and renovating houses. Six years ago, she decided to become a Realtor full time and to build a unique company based on the team concept and bring a greater degree of professionalism to the Real Estate industry in our area.
To date, Betsy attributes a large portion of her sales to her innovative efforts on the internet. "Lead generation is absolutely critical to your future success, let me show you how to do it." With an extensive background and knowledge in the local Real Estate market and Louisiana Real Estate Law, Betsy is committed to making her company a complete success. As a Platinum member of the Craig Proctor elite coaching program, Betsy has the knowledge and support you will need as an agent to grow your business the right way.
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