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Our goal and mission at The Birdsong Group is to help agents build and grow a sustainable business by offering systems, tools and technology that allows the agent to earn $1 Million Dollars in GCI. If you're looking for an office with great culture, state of the art high end office in a great location along with the tools to build a high 6 to 7 figure income while only doing the parts of the business you want, you've found it here at The Birdsong Group.
We are so sure that you will succeed with our training (Both one on one and group masterminds) technology platforms and automation systems that we will guarantee that if you don't make an additional $25,000 in the next 12 months at our brokerage vs your previous brokerage, WE'LL PAY YOU THE DIFFERENCE!! There are a few conditions but we know you will be successful because we have a track record to prove it.
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